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Title: The Genesis Enigma: The Hidden Science of Creation

Author: Professor Andrew Parker

Why is the Bible’s creation story depicted as it is? The creation account in Genesis is both bizarre and exceptional, providing an answer to how the earth, life and the universe came to be, but without any rationale and all in just a single page. Ironically, the way to solve the enigma posed by Genesis is to involve science, the subject that appears to contradict the Bible most brutally. Following a new scientific discovery, the complete solution to the enigma is only possible now. Owing to a reinterpretation of the earth’s ancient rocks and fossils, and their comparison with animals today, our scientific understanding of the history of the earth and of life has become complete.


Now for some shocking news.


The Genesis Enigma reveals that this scientific understanding corresponds precisely with the creation account in Genesis. This is an extraordinary parallel – nothing comparable has been discovered before. The solution is that the creation account is depicted as it is because this is, in fact, the true version of life’s history. Needless to say, the ‘seven day’ creation story, where the universe and life were supposedly created in seven actual days, along with other irrational ideas will not be entertained in the The Genesis Enigma, with its logical and commonsense rationale.


So how are the disparate data of science and religion compared to draw such a parallel? First, the choice words and phrases employed in Genesis 1-11 are dissected. Many of these are inscrutable. ‘Let there be light’, ‘sea creatures’ and ‘birds’ are three with biological significance, particularly if we consider the order in which they are placed. In fact the order and sequences of events in the entire Genesis creation account is astonishingly accurate. All will be revealed in language that is easily accessible to the lay reader. The parallel uncovered is even more extraordinary given that there’s no way the accuracy of the Genesis creation story could be the result of a lucky guess. It appears that the author of the creation account had predicted precisely the true history of the earth and life.


The Genesis Enigma will explain that no human could have constructed a creation story in this way, particularly in Biblical times.

UK Publisher: Transworld

US Publisher: Penguin Dutton

Australian Publisher: Random House Australia

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